Entry at Gubbdata 2021

Gubbdata is an annual demo party held since 2015 (online for the last two times). I’ve just entered one of my old songs that I wrote around 1991 into the “Other Music” (i.e., non-C64) competition.

The song is called An Answering Mood and was composed on an Amiga with ProTracker 2.3 (or maybe 2.4). While I took the percussions from some scene instrument disk, all other instruments were sampled from my Roland JX-3P. It has never been published before (which is why I won’t link it here).

You can listen to all songs at the party’s CSDb page after the event. The party will be streamed live on their homepage, I believe, and the songs will be judged on Friday, 2 July.

Wish me luck!

Update, 4 July: So it looks like I made 2nd place out of 6 in the Amiga music competition (that was made its own section when they found that there were 6 entries). You cannot find those songs at their web page – maybe they will make them available at a later date – but in case you want to listen to it, I’ve uploaded it to my SoundCloud:

Update, a bit later: I forgot to mention – it was a great party, even though I could only attend the first half of the music competitions. As far as I could tell at that point (and most attendants seem to agree with me), all the songs were fantastic, and I’m really happy I could be a part of this.

Final update, 5 July: I was informed (by the super friendly @blueyakk_retrocomputing) that there is a ZIP file with all entries on Dropbox. I can absolutely recommend it, the whole party compressed into 6 MB!


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