New article – The British Scene

I have published my first full-scale article on Medium. (As usual, while trying out formatting options and the like, I unwittingly hit the publish button, and now I might as well leave it there. It’s finished anyway.)

(Update: the article has been moved to this site. I’ve removed the link above accordingly.)

It’s a deep look at the gaming scene in Great Britain in the 1980s, especially its particular computer and business models, that were different from anywhere else in the world.

I’m not sure how the whole Medium thing works out, especially with the not wholly transparent distinction between free, curated, and members-only articles, so I’d be grateful for any feedback. I might start a series of articles, and am still looking for publishing places.

(To be honest, my first impressions are rather sobering: Medium deletes my bio everytime I refresh the article, and many of the other settings are very rudimentary. Also, there are very few mechanisms for customising the look of an article.)