My first book is out! …

… and it’s in German. So there’s not much sense in talking about it in English. If you do speak German, however, please feel free to read the next post with a longer description.

But just so you know what’s going on: it’s a collection of anecdotes from 35 years in the world of computer games that I was a part of in one way or another. The computer gaming history for the periods in question is briefly explored, but I mainly talk about my excursions into the Berlin cracking scene and its diverse personalities, my visits to the well-known German companies Rainbow Arts and Kaiko where I met people like Boris Schneider, Julian Eggebrecht and Chris Hülsbeck, my participation in the organisation of the early online game Tubmud, my contributions to the text adventure community, my work at the Computer Game Museum in Berlin and the related association DiGA, and finally my work as a translator. The individual sections are linked by my experiences, but I am not the primary subject of the book.


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