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Time for the next part. See the previous article for more information on the background of this series.

The Vintrospektiv Social Media Archive, Part 2: Curiosities from My Collection – Infocom (Instagram)

When I ran out of ideas for general curiosities, I continued with my Infocom collection, which had a surprising wealth of material that could be considered curious in one way or another. There were 22 instalments, which I kept posting every day except for weekends and days with other posts, directly after the last non-Infocom item. Most of these photos were taken on a piece of billiard cloth I bought a while ago. Once again, I will omit the hashtags here.

Click each thumbnail to get to the full-size image with captions. If you find the captions distracting, you can zoom in to inspect the image more closely, or download it via the sharing options.