Archive: Promotions (1)

Vintrospektiv used to be a multi-channel project (though mainly focused on videos), and so I was also active in social media. In particular, I started out with some promotional features on Instagram and Twitter (see this post for more information in German).

Since both channels have been closed in the mean time, I’ve decided I should add those promotions to my homepage in order to preserve them, and to be able to link to them. This is part 1 of a series with an anticipated 5 parts: the Vintrospektiv Social Media Archive with Instagram parts 1 and 2, Twitter parts 1 and 2, and commemorative posts on Instagram. Except for the last part, the posts were all in German (as was the whole of Vintrospektiv at that time), so I will reproduce them here in the original form, with an added translation.

Here we go.

The Vintrospektiv Social Media Archive, Part 1: Curiosities from My Collection (Instagram)

This was a series of photos from my collection, each accompanied by a short description of what made it curious. I posted an instalment every day (except for weekends and days that already saw other posts), starting in December 2020. They also featured lots of hashtags, as usual on Instagram, and in the hope of attracting an audience, but I will not include those here. Conversely, the photos all had to be cut down to a square for Instagram, which I don’t think is necessary here.

I’ve experimented with several gallery styles, and the one presented here seems to work best: click each thumbnail to get to the full-size image with captions. If you find the captions distracting, you can zoom in to inspect the image more closely, or download it via the sharing options.

A few of these, notably #12-14, might be specific to Germany, at least I don’t know if ad games were similarly popular in other countries. Also please note that Michael Winterberg was never too well-known over here, but Bone Cruncher received very favourable reviews in its time – and there’s no doubt that he composed some fantastic soundtracks.