Archive: Promotions (5)

So here’s the final part of this little series. Again, see the first part for more information on its background.

For my original promotions covered in the previous 4 parts, I was beginning to struggle to come up with new ideas by the end of February 2021, and since there had been a rather disappointing response, I decided not to pursue this path any further – see my explanation article in German.

But of course I didn’t completely stop trying to promote my channels.

The Vintrospektiv Social Media Archive, Part 5: Commemorative Posts (Instagram)

The last of my promotional posts on social media were more closely tied to specific events, and since the first one of these appeared in May 2021, they were all in English. I have removed the many hashtags again.

Click each thumbnail to get to the full-size image with captions. If you find the captions distracting, you can zoom in to inspect the image more closely, or download it via the sharing options.

The Vintrospektiv Social Media Archive, Part 6: Giveaway (Instagram/Twitter)

Bonus: I used this image to promote my ADOM video with a giveaway. Nobody ever claimed it, so I’m not even sure if the code might still be valid. (Ask me for it if you’re interested, then we’ll find out and I can add the result here.)