SUC-SESSION in English

A while ago I mentioned my “Adventure-Ecke” in the German Spectrum fanzine SUC-SESSION. Now that the second instalment is out, I would like to add that there is an English version of the magazine, which you can order for the same price (€ 4,50 for 3 PDF issues or € 23-29 for 3 printed issues).

I don’t know when the translated issues are published, and I haven’t seen the Adventure-Ecke in English, but I can tell you from other articles I have read that the translations are usually fine. (Update, 16 December: now I have seen the translation, and it’s more than fine. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.) So if you’re interested in the Sinclair Spectrum this might be interesting to you. Usually it’s Spectrum-only (with the odd QL or ZX-80/81 article thrown in every now and then), but the current issue, for instance, also contains an article about the Apple-1 and another one about the Dragon 32.

I took over the Adventure-Ecke with issue #234 from Thomas Eberle who didn’t have enough time for it anymore. At the moment it looks like it will appear every two issues, so the current issue #236 features its second appearance.

If you would like to read it, you can order the magazine here (click “English version” at the top). The subscription starts with the next issue, but you can contact them, and I’m sure they will also sell you older issues, at least as PDF files.