A look at Mark Sheeky (English version)

After transfering all my articles from Medium to this website, a few over here still remain untranslated, among them one about Mark Sheeky. Considering how nice Mark was about the original article, including giving his permission to use some of his artworks and his photo, it’s the least I can do to finally provide a version that he can actually read.

A look at Mark Sheeky

The author, artist and composer of the game Rage from my Shorts video has had a more versatile career than most creators.

As a youth in central England he programmed his first games in BASIC on the Dragon 32 and the C64. Eventually, he began programming games in assembler on the Amiga. To that end, he founded the company Scorpius, where as the only employee he was responsible for design, code, graphics and music. In this role he finished a total of 22 games between 1991 and 1997 which he published first as public domain or freeware, and then as shareware. Only a single one came out commercially: Burnout by Vulcan Software.

In 1998 he created the new label Cornutopia and began programming games for Windows. The last one of those games that were published over various channels, Gunstorm II, came out in 2008 as his 24th game for Windows.

In addition to the Amiga soundtracks, he composed his first album, Genesis, as early as in 1996. About two dozen further albums followed, many based on his game compositions, but also more serious concept albums, which were all published on his own label, again called Cornutopia. It goes without saying that the recording software for all these releases was also created by himself.

Around 2008 he began to work mostly in painting, first with oil, then watercolour. From 2011 he added short stories and novellas, which he published under the name Pentangel Books, founded a year later.

In 2018, give or take a year, he also returned to games, offering new and modernised versions of older Windows games via Steam.

All of these feats can be witnessed on his homepage, where you will also find download links for his old games.

All images here are reproduced with kind permission by Mark Sheeky.


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